Hearing is one of our five basic senses.  Whether from the chirping of crickets to the sound of rain, the ability to hear clearly is something that many of us take for granted.  Unfortunately, once our hearing has been damaged, it can be permanent.  This was the case for one of our company founders, Denarius Motes, who as a professional music producer relies on his ears to make a living, but has damaged his sense of hearing due to high noise volumes over the course of years.

How many of us have had the experience of observing someone listening to music or watching a movie with earbuds or headphones on, and being able to clearly hear the music or dialogue?  Due to the ubiquity of smart phones, tablets, and other electronic devices, many of those we care for the most, may be damaging their sense of hearing without realizing it (including ourselves!).  

Hearing loss can be easily overlooked, but we are not powerless to improve the situation.

At Motes Audio, we are passionate about educating our friends and associates about hearing loss, and what we can do to control the sounds that we are exposed to on a daily basis.  To this end, we have developed a number of products specifically designed to keep sounds at or below 85 decibels, as recommended by OSHA.  We invite you to educate yourself on the dangers of hearing loss and learn about how Motes Audio products have been built with you and your loved one’s in mind.




Trish Alderman

Managing Partner

Trish Alderman started her career in public accounting and has worked as a consultant, mom and philanthropist.  She spends her free time road biking, enjoying water sports and climbing around Utah's red rock with her family.


Denarius "Motesart" Motes

Director of Sound Engineering

Denarius "Motesart" Motes is a multi-platinum music producer who believes that "music is not in the notes" but in the love and passion for the sound.  In his free time he enjoys sports, motorcycle riding, skydiving, swimming and spending time with his family.


Spencer Lifferth Au.D.

Director of Research and Development

Spencer Lifferth is an audiologist dedicated to helping people hear better and protecting against future hearing loss.  He enjoys outdoor sports, especially running and biking, as well as tinkering with electronics and RC planes.


Dave Tucker

Director of Marketing

Dave Tucker has over ten years of exerience as a visual artist with a combined passion in Marketing.  When not creating, he spends his time with his family playing soccer, golf, and tennis.